Thursday, June 19, 2008

Livewire Records Update: Summer 2008

Livewire Records, Back From the Dead Logo

Summer 2008 sees Livewire Records at its most active in years. While the label has undergone a complete rethinking of our approach to releasing records , including a total brand overhaul complete with a new logo and website, this fresh perspective has only made us become even more dedicated to putting out sick sounding and sick looking records and merch. In short, the visual has become just as important as the sonic. Case in point...

Cheap Tragedies, "Shepherd To Lost Sheep" 7" & Poster

Cheap Tragedies. "Shepherd To Lost Sheep" marks the debut 7" EP from Cleveland's most pissed-off and crazy hardcore band in years. This blistering four song 7" features original cover art by Brian Walsby (best known for his 7-Seconds, "Walk Together…" art) and is limited to a first press of 300 (200 on purple and 100 on scrap. Scrap is a strange color created by mixing left over pieces of unused colored vinyl.) The record, like all Back From The Dead era releases, features an 11 x 17 insert and can be purchased through Merchnow as a stand-alone piece or as a package deal which includes a 2 color t-shirt. It is worth noting that artist Brian Walsby has said the Cheap Tragedies piece is one of his favorite music-related illustrations he has ever drawn.

For the uninitiated, Cheap Tragedies' sound is best described as hardcore punk rock done as only Cleveland veterans can do it—fast, raw, angry, melodic, and noisy, this stuff is the real deal. To learn more about Cheap Tragedies check out their band page. Also, listen to the title track from "Shepherd to Lost Sheep" by clicking here for a free mp3.

Over The Line, "The Weight" 7" Vinyl & Cover

Next up, a little later this summer we have the return of Over The Line with their first release in over 10 years! While the basic ideas for these songs had been floating around amongst band members for years, the raw energy and urgency of the final tracks was captured in only a few brief late night rehearsals and even quicker studio session. The band didn’t have months to rehearse, record and remix. In this long weekend session they were able to capture these four blistering songs of dynamic hardcore. The recording here is the product of four friends who knew exactly what they wanted, and it captures that energy and creativity at its peak. This record is precise, to-the-point hardcore played flawlessly.

Considering the band officially broke up in 1998, the underlying question remains, “After all this time, why even bother?” According to Lucuski, “We had these songs we loved that never materialized. They really showed the direction we wanted to take the band with the new line-up. We were happy with the demo at the time, but we knew we had songs in us that pushed in a different direction and were more than just basic hardcore songs. Don’t get me wrong, I was glad Crucial Response pressed the demo, but the image they created for the band wasn’t us. These songs are.”

The weight features original skateboard/horror inspired artwork from longtime Livewire friend and artist Jason Powell.

Triple Threat, Graffiti Shirt (art by Bruce Boyd)

Triple Threat, "Live at CBGB" 7" & Poster

Also coming up very soon, new merchandise from Triple Threat which features original artwork from Pagan Babies Drummer/visual artist, Bruce Boyd. The new shirts will feature gigantic graffiti artwork on the front and a New Jersey Straight Edge piece on the back. Expect these as well as a ton more in the very near future!

For constant updates, please check us out at: Livewire Records. Thanks to the Double Cross boys for giving us the chance to spread the word. —xxx


John Committed said...

Good dudes, great label!

Anonymous said...

Would be nice to buy your stuff, but after being ripped off twice by MERCHNOW (and I am not the only one out there), I guess I will have to miss out on a great release.