Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Todd Youth and Harley

Porcell's Todd Youth story went over well, so we thought we'd drop this great shot of a young Todd Youth hanging with Harley Flanagan. Although the photo has floated around over the years, big thanks to Ben Alvie for hooking us up with a good copy. Hopefully we can get more Todd Youth content in the future. -DCXX


Dave said...

So we know what's happened to Todd (Warzone, Danzig, Samhain, Son of Sam, a few famous shows with Motorhead, etc.) but what ever became of his old buddy I used to ALWAYS see him with...Batmite? Anyone have a clue?

(and how awesome is it that the captcha below ends in snfu?)

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buy generic viagra said...

Harley Flanagan? Who is Harley Flanagan? I don't why but I've started to think people is paying very much attention to this guy, that honestly is a zero to the left. I cann't understand what Todd is doing next to this clown.