Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ray Cappo - Youth Of Today, Shelter, Better Than A Thousand

[Above: YOT at The Anthrax, 1987. Photo by Boiling Point]

This is part of an ongoing piece where we asked various people from bands over the years what they recall as the most memorable show they ever played (or attended, if they were never in a band), and why. What is posted here is only a sliver of what is to come, so be sure to check back. -DCXX

Every YOT show was a success, but one especially comes to mind. Youth Of Today,
Uniform Choice, 7 Seconds, Aggression, and DI. This was our first really big show, and our first southern California show. We had no material out...our first single was not even out. Troy Mowat and Kevin Seconds split the set and played drums for us on the entire tour. For a young kid it was a chance to live my dreams to play with such great bands that had musicians I loved. Not only that, but my favorite musicians were playing in my band! It was the first time I got to travel, really be on my own, and live my life. I think my intentions were in a good place, and because of that, everything worked out perfectly with the band. I remember at one point down the road in YOT I thought to myself, "Wow, we've never had a bad show...ever." I really think we never did!

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