Friday, December 30, 2011

We're All Too Young To Die

PhotobucketI saw the world go up in flames and I just stood there watching...

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Randy Johnson doing "Locked Out" with 1134

I got the urge to post something Pushed Aside related and the only thing I came across, was this video of 1134 covering "Locked Out" at The Showcase in 1999, with Pushed Aside frontman, Randy Johnson taking vocal duties. I've said it before and I'll say it again, one of Southern California's best of the late 80's and their demo still remains in my all time top 5 demo list. Take it away Randy… -Tim DCXX

Monday, December 26, 2011

A DCXX tribute to Keith Morris

Early Panic rehearsal, 1978, Left to Right: Chuck Dukowski, ROBO, Keith Morris and Greg Ginn, photo courtesy of: Ryan Richardson

"Maybe sixty seconds into the first song, it began to rain food: sandwiches, half-eaten drumsticks, watermelon and cantaloupe rinds, banana peels," remembers Keith Morris, of Black Flag's performance at Polliwog Park in 1979. Here, he ducks the raining missiles of food hurdled by offended family picnickers (Spot).


The Circle Jerks with Roger Rogerson, Lucky Lehrer and Keith at Stage One Studios, July 10, 1981, Photo: Fer Youz

Circle Jerks promo shot with Keith, Greg, Chuck Biscuits and Earl Liberty. Keith Morris says: " the next line up was pretty bad assed also, Biscuits and Flea! We played a gig with Spinal Tap, Slayer and the Blasters and wrecked the place! That night we were UNTOUCHABLE! We were in a zone that nobody could get near! John Doe and Jeffrey Lee Pierce both agreed that they'd never seen anything like us. This line up with Earl and Chuck was easily one of my faves!"

Circle Jerks at The Cathy De Grande with Keith, Flea and Chuck Biscuits, Photo: Modi Frank


And nearly 34 years later, Keith is still tearing it up with OFF!

Keith and Steven McDonald with OFF! in Triple Rock, MN, Photo: Adam DeGross

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays from DCXX

Ian Claus with Minor Threat, photo: Bill Daniel

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Jersey Fresh

The infamous Ewing VFW show

Everyone's got that one local band that at the time, seemed almost legendary. Well in 1986, straight out of my home town of Ewing, New Jersey, we had Jersey Fresh. As far as I knew, all the members went to my high school, but were a few years older than me and graduated before me. I do remember their guitarist, Dave, going to summer school at the same time as me. We weren't in a class together and I was just about to enter high school, so I assume he was probably taking a class so that he could graduate high school. I just remember seeing him around the school and seeing his Charles Manson tattoo, which he was pretty damn legendary for. Their bass player, who was also named Dave, was friends with a few guys that I hung around, so I remember going to a show or two with him and being at a couple of the same parties.

Jersey Fresh bassist, Dave Bryson, take notice of that sweet Justice League sticker on his bass

Jersey Fresh played a few local shows, none of which I got a chance to see, but I was well aware of and heard the stories. The Ewing VFW show with F.O.D. in January of 1987, was one that I always thought about because the VFW hall that they played was right across the street from a soccer field that I played many games at. I don't remember hearing about too many hardcore shows happening right in Ewing, so that one that went down was definitely etched into the local history books. Every time I passed that hall, which was quite often, all I could think about, was the fact that hardcore bands actually played there.

This flyer hung inside my junior high school locker in 1987, along with a handful of other choice flyers of the time

Like I said, everyone's got a band like this from their town, but considering a Jersey Fresh page just popped up on Facebook, I thought I'd mention it and draw a little attention to it. I've been talking to their drummer, Todd, off and on for a year or two now and I'm planning on getting an interview together with him for DCXX. Really just out of my own curiosity, I'd love to hear some stories and details from him about the early hardcore scene in my home town, so hopefully I can pull that together sooner than later. For now though, click this link and check out the Jersey Fresh Facebook page. I know they've got their 1986 demo tape up and streaming, so that's worth checking out. There are also a handful of photos and some band information. -Tim DCXX

Jersey Fresh drummer, Todd Waladkewics

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hardcore Or Die

Hardcore or die from Radio Soulwax on Vimeo.

Interesting and funny video someone threw together, well worth checking out. -Tim DCXX

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

SSD at A7

Unfortunately I have no photo credit for this, but damn this is an interesting shot that someone found today and sent me. SSD at NYC's A7 Club, with Jimmy Gestapo, Harley Flanagan, Dr. Know, MCA of the Beastie Boys and other NYHC scenesters in the crowd. Crazy to see just how tiny of a space this legendary club actually was. Like glue, like crew… -Tim DCXX

Monday, December 12, 2011

Ignition live at The Wilson Center, Washington, DC, 1988

I haven't come across too many Ignition videos, so when it was brought to my attention that this one popped up, I was pretty stoked to see it. Great video and way underrated band. One of my faves from the Revolution Summer era of harD.C.ore. -Tim DCXX

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fraud at Club Three, Hollywood, CA 8/29/2011

Fraud, Photo:

Fraud, one of those current bands that I just can't get enough of. Ever since catching their set in Pomona, CA at the Glass House back in June, I've been eagerly awaiting some recordings from these guys. Unfortunately, I've heard nothing about recording plans yet, but what I did track down was this live set on YouTube.

Check out the video, check out Fraud on Facebook and hopefully sooner than later we'll get a release out of these guys. -Tim DCXX

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Faction - Skate and destroy

Early Germs inspired Faction artwork done by Steve Caballero, from the collection of: Sal Bug

Been hitting the skateparks on the weekends lately, which has been inspiring me to listen to a heavy dose of The Faction. I've mentioned in the past how much I love The Faction's "Dark Room" 12" and how that is one of my favorite records ever, but what I haven't mentioned, is how great their little heard, early 2000's recordings are.

Although it's unclear to me exactly when these songs were recorded, The Faction did indeed hit the studio in the early 2000's and recorded four songs. Two of the songs ended up on compilations, "Cut It Out" and "The Whistler". The other two songs, "Aisle Seat" and "Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?", were never officially released. Eventually, "Aisle Seat" showed up on The Faction's MySpace page, but "Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?" has yet to surface. The only way I even knew "Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?" was recorded, was from talking to Faction guitarist, Ray Stevens, who filled me in. Ray says, "Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?", was never released. It was a cover song from the band and movie, "Hardcore Logo", which was a hilarious Canadian rock-umentary".

The Faction's "Dark Room" back cover art, done by Lance Mountain

There's also a couple of tracks that were recorded in 1989, "Looking For You" and "Pet Squirrel", which apparently appeared in the Santa Cruz Skateboards video, "A Reason For Living". The cassette for the "A Reason For Living" soundtrack only has "Looking For You", so I'm not exactly sure where "Pet Squirrel" ended up or if it was ever released at all, but Ray Stevens seemed to think it was in that video.

Early ad for The Faction's "Yesterday Is Gone" 7"
from the collection of: Sal Bug

So, if anyone out there has "Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?", "Pet Squirrel" or any other unreleased material by The Faction, get in touch. It's sort of become one of my missions to gather all of their material. I've got a ton of their material already collected, but could always use more, if more is out there.

Skate and destroy… -Tim DCXX

Gavin O'Brien and Steve Caballero with The Faction at the Tool and Die, 1984, Photo: Denice Vaughn

Steve Caballero (take note of Cab's SSD sticker) with a helmet plant air over Lance Mountain, Photo: Glen E. Friedman