Thursday, December 9, 2010

Negative Approach poll wrap up


The plan was to have "Why Be Something That You're Not" Detroit Hardcore book editor, Tony Rettman, wrap up this Negative Approach poll, but Tony's knee deep in multiple projects right now and didn't want to keep us waiting any longer, so I'll take a stab at it.

As you can see, "Tied Down" took the crown, but only by a mere 14 votes. I know plenty of people that are extreme in their opinions about these two releases, but personally I think both are flawless in their own way.


The 7" is a perfect example of raw, no frills, grab-you-by-the-throat-hardcore. Had I never heard "Tied Down", and only heard the 7", I'd think that there was no way Negative Approach could out do themselves. I mean, let's face it, "Ready To Fight" might be one of the greatest hardcore songs ever written… period.

Then you hear "Tied Down" and you realize, the unthinkable has been done. Negative Approach took that same grab you by the throat sound, gave it an ever so slight polish and delivered what could very well be one of the heaviest hardcore albums of all time.


I can still remember sitting on my bedroom floor, spinning the "Tied Down" vinyl for the first time and hearing the track, "Evacuate" and wondering how a human being could even sound like that. This may sound ridiculous, but while listening to this album, I felt invincible. I felt like I could stomp holes in my concrete basement floor, break my head through walls and tell every wannabe bad ass, dusted out, metal head that I went to Jr. High with that they had no idea what "heavy" music really was. You know the metal head that thought he was totally bitchin' with his "Bonded By Blood" Exodus shirt? Well that shit was pure panty waste in the wake of "Tied Down" or anything Negative Approach ever did.

So yeah, I've got nothing but love for the Negative Approach 7", but "Tied Down" ultimately is the release that brought it all home for me. Every song demolishes, and almost 30 years later, it's still one of the greatest hardcore albums ever made. - Tim DCXX

Negative Approach - "Tied Down" - 164
Negative Approach - 7" - 150



Damaged said...

"When the first 7-inch came out with the picture from The Exorcist inside, forget about it," says Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore. "That was the greatest hardcore EP ever. People like John Brannon and [Minor Threat's] Ian MacKaye were my new heroes in music." (From:

Anonymous said...

Come on Tim, Bonded By Blood is a GREAT record.

Anonymous said...

I loved NA for sure. But I also loved Bonded By Blood too!

Anonymous said...

Bonded By Blood rocks!

Smitty said...

1988 - Breakdown @ TT The Bears, Boston: "This next song's a Negative Approach's called "Ready To Fight." - Jeff Breakdown. Went to Inner Ear Records the next day and asked if they anything by this band Negative Approach and the record store clerk said I should get the tape because it had the 7" on it as well. Life changing. Life affirming. Think I voted for the 7" but I mean, it's a fucking win win proposition and yeah, to this day that shit makes me feel invincible too.

Anonymous said...

negative approach are a lot better than fuckin' exodus. what happen with all those crappy metal bands, make up- bad songs- and fake blood, fuck fuck exodus!!!, negative approach are the real deal. more real hardcore-punk and less metal, please.

TJK said...

The best hardcore band that came from this planet (Bad Brains are so sick, I swear they came from outer space). Negative Approach wrote their music at the center of the earth, where matter exists in its purest form. If you're a hardcore band and don't consider NA to be an influence, I don't want to listen to your band.

whore said...

bonded by blood.
a lesson in violence of a record

Anonymous said...

"tied down" a punch in you fuckin' metal face

westcoast villian said...

Both records are great. But the fucking 7" is where it's at. It's dangerous,raw and mean. The 12" was the shit when it came out but is rather polished and kinda slick. That 7" is a basement show in a bad neighborhood in cold weather. Harsh! No fucking blonde tipped,pookah shelled kids within 5 miles.