Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gorilla Biscuits in the Nickel City

Gorilla Biscuits at the Pipe Dragon, Buffalo NY, Spring 88, Photo: Geoffrey Nicholson

Stage dives make this dude feel more alive, Photo: Geoffrey Nicholson

Civ, Walter and Alex with GB doing it Buffalo style, Photo: Geoffrey Nicholson


Los Mosh said...

An X'ed up, bleached up Civ rocking a classic Thrasher shirt in the Nickel City. Totally bitchin!

farside said...

Mark Zero Tolerance front and center, and my friend Pete is in that second picture. Love these old Buffalo HC pics. Too bad I was 12.

derek dole said...

Also Kevin from beyond is in the first pic next to Mark from ZT. This guy has a ton of awesome photos. One of my favorites is the one with Roger AF Xed up.

Tom said...

He's not perfect, he's just Civ!

Love it!