Friday, July 9, 2010

Misfits - "Walk Among Us" poll results wrap up

I'm actually pretty damn impressed, this Misfits poll really brought in the votes. I've always looked at "Walk Among Us" as THE Misfits album and from the look of things, so do a lot of our readers.

As far as what song won this, it's nice to see that I'm not alone in my love for "Skulls". Not that you can really find many songs that don't shred on this album, but for me, "Skulls" has always stood out and remained one of my favorite Misfits songs ever.

Thinking back to when I first discovered punk and hardcore, the Misfits we're easily one of the first band names I was always hearing. Granted, Glenn had moved on to Samhain by the time I was getting my feet wet in the scene, but the Misfits were still the band that everyone was talking about.

Misfits with John Brannon of Negative Approach up front and singing along, Photo courtesy of: 7th House

Before hearing a single note, my introduction was through the imagery of the Misfits. All the skulls, gore and violence led me to believe that the Misfits most likely had a chaotic, insanely fast, destructive sound similar to a band like Septic Death. Boy was I ever wrong.

I still remember the first time I heard the Misfits, a friend and I were skating and doing bonelesses off the trunk and bumper of an old car. I seem to remember my friend playing a mix tape through his boom box as we thrashed it up. Everything I was hearing back then was pretty much new to me, but when the Misfits came on, it was the song "Skulls" and my mind couldn't calculate what I was hearing. A melodic, well sung, well written song that so pleasantly spoke of hacking the heads off little girls and hanging them on a wall. What the fuck planet did this come from? I was used to hearing some pretty fucked up shocking lyrics, but sung like this and to music like this? I was confused to say the least.

Glenn Danzig... just about as cool as it gets, Photo courtesy of: 7th House

The beauty and attraction to the Misfits back then was that they were so catchy and sounded like something you could play in front of your parents, but once you paid attention to the lyrics and saw the imagery, forget about it, mom was throwing that tape right out the damn window. Luckily for me, I made sure to keep the truth about the Misfits well hidden and my listening went over without a hitch (unlike my listening to Septic Death!).

Close to 25 years later, I'm still listening to the Misfits and every time "Skulls" comes on, the stereo gets jacked a little bit higher. Love him or hate him, yet another reason why Glenn Danzig is a freaking' genius. And the blood drains down like devil's rain, we'll bathe tonight. -Tim DCXX

The Misfits clearly in a league of their own, Photo courtesy of: 7th House


Ben Edge said...

Before I heard the Misfits, I thought they were a crappy heavy metal band. This is mainly because a metalhead dork in my jr. high had a Misfits patch on his leather jacket. Metallica can be blamed for that one.

My loss. They are easily one of the best bands ever. It took me 4-5 years to finally listen to them.

Bernard said...

i like "mommy can i.." from this album. its funny how that particular song is so diff from the rest of the songs on the album. they should put mommy on earth AD!! hehehe...

Earth BC said...

Mishits are maybe the most overrated band ever

Lins87 said...

Earth BC are you on fucking crack?? The Misfits are one of the best punk/hardcore bands ever. Fact!

All Hell was my choice of top song in this poll btw.

Kung Pow! said...

The fact that Night Of The Living Dead got so few votes is absurd.

Stormy said...

Didn't get to vote in time, but Astro Zombies would be my favorite. My 4 year old daughter can sing the song pretty much word for word, it rules.

memos killer said...

"mommy can i.." is on "earth ad", german pressing. everything the misfits did in the 70's and the 80's was great.

Mark Rooster said...

I had a really hard time voting on this poll. Such a great album.

Ben Edge--you're not alone on that one. I thought Misfits were a metal band for a long-ass time before actually hearing them.

Blew me away, too.

Earth BC said...

Actually, I'm long term straight edge, but that has nothing to do with the fact that Misfits are really boring and .... well...hmmm, boring? ;P

And I really dislike the fact that everyone tries to wash off from being metal by covering Misfits

I even more dislike whole this horror punk crap

stupid cunt BC said...

and i even more dislike your fuckin' opinions. shut up and get the fuck out, asshole BC.