Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hands Tied August 2010 shows

Aside from playing this year's "This Is Hardcore" fest in Philadelphia on August 15th, Hands Tied has lined up a full weekend of shows with Mindset, Get The Most and ON. I was stoked to see the flyers for all three shows and thought I'd post them up here on DCXX for anyone that might be interested in checking out any of these shows. We'll also have the brand new two song Hands Tied "Through The Wreckage" EP for "This Is Hardcore" as well as the other three shows to follow. -Tim DCXX

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daveyhardcore said...

hey tim & co. - old NJxHC doods living in cali want to know if there's any chance that the 2 song ep will be available to us on the west coast??

Anonymous said...

Great flyers... great shows!
Good for you guys! Wish I was in the neighborhood to catch these.
Keep it up DCXX!

Livewire Records said...

Hey Davey,
The 7" will be available through Revelation Records directly and available in stores.


daveyhardcore said...


Thanks.. revelation records are the two sweetest words.. besides hands tied of course.. and live wire!