Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cliff Burton 2/10/1962 - 9/27/1986

We're usually pretty adamant about keeping DCXX, "all things hardcore", but let's face it, Cliff Burton knew his hardcore and early Metallica would not have existed with out the influence of punk and hardcore. That being said, early Metallica also had one hell of an influence on a ton of hardcore bands, so I think the respect is mutual.

Can't believe it's been 25 years, pretty insane how fast time flies. I can clearly remember the day the news hit about Cliff's death. I was just starting to take interest in Metallica and had just recently bought "Master Of Puppets" on cassette. I remember skating my friends street ramp and blasting "Battery" over and over again, on my Panasonic boom box. That "Master Of Puppets" cassette was in just as constant rotation as 7 Seconds "Walk Together Rock Together", Agent Orange's "When You Least Expect It", Minor Threat's "Out Of Step" and Corrosion Of Conformity's "Animosity". Somehow or another, Metallica fit right into that mix perfectly.

So in tribute to Cliff, blast a little early Metallica, maybe check out "Cliff 'Em All" for the 35th time. If none of that fits into your plans, listen to some Misfits, I think that would work for Cliff just fine. -Tim DCXX


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"The best-known non-Metallica tribute to Burton is the song "In My Darkest Hour" by rival thrash metal band Megadeth. According to Dave Mustaine, after hearing of Burton's death, he sat down and wrote the music for the song in one sitting. The lyrics, however, are unrelated to Burton's death. Mustaine was Metallica's lead guitarist in the early days and was a close friend of Burton at the time. Mustaine said the song was inspired by Burton's death."

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