Sunday, April 24, 2011

WHERE ARE THEY NOW - Marco Abularach/The Icemen

Marco Abularach with The Icemen at City Gardens, Photo: Ken Salerno

Marco Abularach Founded the band The Icemen in 1982

In March 2011 Marco had this to say about his life now:

My life has taken many twists and turns in continual pursuit of art and expression. From art school and working as an illustrator to music of course, and eventually acting and writing.

A career in cinema evolved with a small character role in Vin Diesel's first independent feature film "Strays" which went to Sundance Film Festival in 1997 and after that he encouraged me to come out to Hollywood and write for him. Wrote a couple of original screenplays for his production company "One Race Films" which have yet to be produced.

Also have done re-writes on some of his bigger commercial films and although we still collaborate I have been writing freelance since 2008 and the majority of my work is "ghostwriting"- rewrites on Hollywood films. I also continue to develop my own feature screenplays which I plan to eventually bring to life.

I am grateful to finally be able to immerse myself completely in art, no more side jobs - and that is truly fulfilling.
Recently have managed to find a little time to revisit The Icemen and hope to cast some ice-magic in the future."

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Marco Abularach in 2011, Photo courtesy of: Marco


Pim said...

Here's a long interview with Marco, where he talks about this stuff etc:

Anonymous said...

Word, Hertz rent a mercedez week special. I like it.

Anonymous said...

what about his playin' on the young and the useless e.p.?

zorro said...

i know next to nothing about this band. were they sxe?

Jim Pitts said...

The Icemen weren't SxE, they were just a NYHC band that had Mackie from the Cro Mags on drums.

Turd Burglar said...

A funny dig on his car and a question about straight edge. Narrow focused doublecross readers never let me down.

Rinjo Njori! said...

Seriously-- Posing with the mercedes is very West Coast. Too much gangsta rap or Vin Diesel movies.

The Icemen were a great band- with Mackie on Drums and Carl the Mosher (find his demos with Underdog to give you a new view of the band) and a guy that looked like Mario van Peebles. Sure they only had 4 good songs but they were good but fell victim to high school bull shit.

Rinjo Njori! said...

Oh yes-- and don't let me forget Mario- he rocked also

Anonymous said...

"yo vin, take this shot of me all up on my neighbors whip!"

Anonymous said...

Vin "The Weasel"..... That's what he's known as in downtown, Manhattan. Stay in Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

Apartment complex?

DEEZ NUTZ said...

posing on benz = douche move

Anonymous said...

I don't know him. But if he is breaking balls by posing on that Benz, that is pretty funny.

Les718 said...

"We're The Icemen, cause it's a cold fuckin world out there.. and I gotta live in it everyday"..
Loved The Icemen, Mackie was a great fit for that band. Bass player was Noah. They played on some great matinees and a few superbowls if I remember correctly. Wish someone would put out a full discography of theirs..

Anonymous said...

Van Peebles is Noah Evans and he produced some great records.

Anonymous said...

posing on benz = douche move

I don't know him. But if he is breaking balls by posing on that Benz, that is pretty funny.

Either one of the above posts can be correct.