Sunday, April 3, 2011

Jules - Side By Side / Alone In A Crowd DCXX Charity Auction for Japanese Relief ROUND 2

Terms & Conditions:

*All items from Jules' personal collection.

*Please read each individual record's description for specific details and condition.
*Bidding is to be made on individual records. This is not an auction for the whole batch.
*You can bid on multiple items, but a specific bid must be placed on each item.
*Bidding must be rounded to the dollar. No cents business.
* All sales final

*All records have a starting reserve price.
*All offers/bids must be sent to Gordo at, who is handling this for Jules.
*Offers/bids are not to be sent anywhere else, not in the comment section, not to Tim, not via Facebook, etc.
*Paypal is the only accepted method of payment.
*Do not bid if you are unable to pay at the time of auction close or if you cannot send funds via paypal.

*Bidders will be contacted ASAP privately via email from Gordo with the status of their bid and the current top bid.
*Re-bidding is allowed and encouraged.

*The bidding for these specific Round 1 items will close at 8am Eastern Standard Time on Friday April 8.
*At that time, the top 3 bidders will be contacted privately to place final bids over the next 24 hours.
*The final top bidder must be able to transfer funds via paypal to Gordo at within 48 hours of final close.

*All shipping & handling costs must be paid for additionally by BUYER, and this amount is not a part of the bid amount.
*All shipping & handling costs will be determined fairly between Gordo and buyer.
*Shipping & handling costs can be combined if multiple items are won by the same bidder.
*All items will be shipped via USPS to the buyer's liking.
*All proceeds will be transferred by Gordo to Jules for the purpose of final matched charitable contribution, doubling the total amount.
*Bidder/winner identities will not be disclosed.

*Questions, offers/bids - Gordo:

- Jules, Tim & Gordo

Revelation Records, "New York Hardcore The Way It Is" LP - Test Pressing - Comes in plain white LP jacket with 88561-8210- 7A and 7B, 4-18-88 written in pen on the upper corners of jacket. Vinyl is a bit dusty and appears to have some light scuffs, may need some cleaning. Reserve price $100

Revelation Records, "New York Hardcore The Way It Is" LP - Test Pressing label close up

Dag Nasty - "Can I Say" LP - has This Album is $5.00 postpaid from Dischord on it, lyric sheet included. Reserve price $20

Underdog - 7" - Blue vinyl, second pressing, lyric sheet included. Reserve price $30

Underdog - 7" back cover

Crippled Youth - "Join The Fight" 7" - Black vinyl, lyric sheet included. Reserve price $35

No For An Answer - "You Laugh" EP - Test pressing, with cover that opens at bottom and lyric sheet. Reserve price $75

Slapshot - "Same Mistake/Might Makes Right" 7" - Black vinyl. Reserve price $10

Token Entry - "Ready Or Not Here We Come" 7" - Lyric sheet included. Reserve price $30

Double Cross - "The Straight Edge" T Shirt - 1 Size XL and 1 Size SMALL left from this design that was originally printed in August of 2008, shortly after the launch of DCXX. These are the only two shirts left from this design and they will not be re-printed. No other sizes available. The is the front artwork show above. When bidding, please state which size you want, XL or SMALL. Reserve price $20


Double Cross - "The Straight Edge" back artwork


Anonymous said...

Did anyone ask if he had rare stuff?

Jim Pitts said...

I guess those whiners can shut their pie holes now!
Good for you Jules, whatever you raise, your heart is in the right place!
Can't wait to see what else comes up!

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine what that test would go for if it were on eBay. I think some money is being left on the table by going through DCXX.

Anonymous said...

This is all entry level.

Anonymous said...

lol on comment #4!
anybody who was questioning the rarity of what was going to be auctioned really put their foot in their mouths with this new round of record. serious heavy hitters.

and im sure there's a reason jules gordo and tim decided to go non-ebay. i like that it's just here on the site.

i'd also like to think that if someone is really willing to throw down a serious bid on ebay, they are catching wind of this (if not already regularly checking the site) and bidding here. it would baffle me to think that someone wouldn't hear about this or at least already be checking out double cross if they are that zany about this sort of thing. my 2 cents at least.

Joe in NY said...

*SIGH* All you pathetic bitches anonymously declaring these lots insufficiently rare for your tastes-- I gotta tell ya: You got a big mouth, and it's getting on my nerves-- you know, I wish you'd just shut it up. It's your big mouth, and the shit that comes out has fucking NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT WE'RE TALKING ABOUT (i.e. raising money for tsunami relief). So please-- let the above commenter be the last anonymous internet aesthete to embarrass himself by sniffing at Jules's offerings. What are *you* doing to make the world a better place, little guy?

steve said...

woah, id love that underdog and nyhc test press, but i think im going to get outbid.

Gordo DCXX said...

Steve's comment made me wanna chime in:

There are definitely records getting very strong bids, but I think some people may be under the impression that everything has an outlandish bid on it.

Out of this round, there are currently no bids on Dag and Crippled Youth - and without trying to drive up prices, I will just say that not everything is going for as much as some might think. So, in the name of charity, just sayin'...


J Kelley said...

It seems like the Crippled Youth 7" has been re-pressed over and over. it hasn't, but It just seems like it isn't exciting anymore. Great. Fucking awesome record...Back in the late mid 80's I think I got a few copies of both black and clear vinyl for almost e-bay pricing now. are people just over it?

Anonymous said...

I was offered test of The Way It Is comp LP for £15 from Walter Schreifels (he wanted the cash to buy a t-shirt) when Quicksand toured the UK, I passed on it and took a Necros IQ32 ep off him instead.
I don't regret it though as I find tests to be rather bland and boring, they are what they are, each to their own, etc.
As for the other records that have gone on sale, it's fair to say that they are entry level, but great records all the same, if I didn't already have them I'd want them too.