Thursday, August 19, 2010

Set lists from the collection of Larry Ransom part II

Gorilla Biscuits at CBGB, NYC, 2005, Larry to the left in the red shirt and holding the video camera, Photo: Jeff Start Today

I had front row seats for one of the reunion shows everyone thought would never happen. I was one of the few people allowed on stage during Gorilla Biscuits' reunion show at CBGB in 2005 and grabbed this after their set. Big thanks to the GB guys for always being super cool to me.

Gorilla Biscuits

This is an Outspoken set list I nabbed after one of the few reunion shows they played in California over the last few years. Pretty sure I nabbed this after their set at the Sink With Cali Fest but it could be from the New Age Fest in '05. I should have kept track of this stuff. Reinforced...I'm diving off any stage.


This is a very early Snapcase set list from February 23, 1991. I think this might be the second show they played with the name Snapcase. A couple of months before that they were still called Solid State. This set list shows a mix of Solid State as well as "new" Snapcase songs. This is from the last show at The Skyroom in West Seneca (Buffalo), NY. They played with Zero Tolerance and Cannibal Corpse.




Anonymous said...

Curious about the song Voo Doo Doll and if it bears any reference to the Goo Goo Dolls, who were probably emerging from Buffalo into the mainstream at that time.

Jasper said...

I have a setlist from the BOLD reunion tour in Europe in 2006 (Groezrock, Belgium) and a GORILLA BISCUITS one from 2007 in Hof Ter Lo, Belgium.

If you want I can always scan them, just shout at