Thursday, March 27, 2008

Youth Of Today / Rhode Island

Slowly but surely I've been converting the majority of my old VHS hardcore video collection over to DVDs. I'm going to try and make it a goal to upload new videos to this site once a week, maybe every two weeks, we'll see how it goes. Some videos you may have seen before, but I'm sure there will be others that you haven't.  I've got a ton of videos and the transfer to DVD is very time consuming, but I think the ultimate result will be a great collection of classic videos that I will be able to share.

I see no better way to start this off, then to give you these two clips of Youth Of Today from Rhode Island.  They opened the set with "Potential Friends", then follow it up with "Honesty".  There's an obvious high level of energy, both coming from the band and from the crowd as well, so this video has always been a favorite of mine.  Take note to the "Honesty" clip, about 1:00 minute into it.  Right after Cappo jumps into the crowd, someone comes from the back of the stage and does a sick flip.  That little chain of events always got me psyched about this video.  So without any further ado, enjoy yourself a nice dose of YOT. -TM


jose said...

amazing band

Artie said...

those Boofish shows were amazing...wonder what ever happened to Boofish

BOOG said...

I was at this show. Just awesome. It was another of those huge Pied Piper Production shows. 7-10 amazing bands all playing the same day.