Sunday, March 23, 2008

Where It Went

Filmed in April of 1990 at Trenton New Jersey's City Gardens, this is the Judge "Where It Went" video. This was definitely one of the highlight shows of my show going experiences. Like usual, I remember showing up to the show early and hanging around outside the club. Echoing through the empty venue was Judge playing "Where It Went", over and over again. Before the doors opened, the film crew were capturing some of the up close angles of the band members without the interruption of the crowd. Some friends and I would crack open the side doors to sneak a quick peek of the action. By the time the show started and most importantly, Judge hit the stage, the entire club was in a frenzy. Everyone knew the cameras were on and everyone wanted to get themselves on film, so the "No Stagediving" rule usually kept in mind at a City Gardens show, was quickly thrown out the window. I recall Judge either opening with "Where It Went", or at least playing it very early in their set. The crowd went insane, but I think a lot of people held back because they didn't want to risk getting thrown out and missing the remainder of Judge's set. By the end of the set, Mike announced to the crowd that they were going to play "Where It Went" one more time, only this time Mike urged the crowd not to hold back. This time was nothing less than pure insanity, bodies were hurling everywhere. I was determined to get a piece of the action, so I made my way on to and quickly off the stage and on top of the crowd. Before anyone knew it, the song was over, the set was complete and a very memorable night had come to an end. When all was said and done, I did manage to get myself in the video Unfortunately my appearance wasn't for a stage a dive, but for a sing along. For a Judge video, I'll take what I can get. -TM

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