Sunday, March 23, 2008

Having My Say - by Gordo

"Yo you hear Tim is doing a zine? It's gonna be called Double Cross."
When I was first told this, Tim was busy getting underway with Hands Tied, and yet I was just a thirteen year-old young buck trying to beg a ride to the next Floorpunch show and figuring out how to cop a Way It Is LP with the booklet. But in my mind, this sounded like it was gonna be the greatest thing to be printed on paper. A modern day recipe of Schism mixed with a dose of Boiling Point, from the brain of a dude who saw the coolest shit first hand, there was no way this could be anything short of modern day straight edge hardcore perfection. And even with roughly 600 core-related activities on my "things to do" list, being one of the first people to acquire Double Cross Fanzine #1 was definitely at the top. But just like a Project X "Edge Of Quarrel" LP, the issue proved non-existent and that was a bummer.

At some point over the next decade, Tim went from being the singer of a couple of my favorite bands to one of my best friends, and the topic of Double Cross Fanzine would continuosly come up. Many breads were broken discussing interviews, stories, photos, layouts, etc., and I definitely wanted on board. Somehow the blog medium was discussed, and even though I think both of us had some hesitancy about the whole "blog" concept (I personally still dislike the term), we ultimately realized that this was gonna work best for what we want to do. And really, this is Tim's pet creation - I am just down to be along for the ride. The idea: various topics and tidbits connected to straight edge hardcore that at least we think are worthy of some binary archiving and discussion.

It's 2008, and I'm not regularly going to shows, too apprehensive and complacent about doing a print zine, and not really doing a full fledged band. But sitting down to eat tremendous amounts of food with Tim, Ed and company and talking for five to six hours about the finer points of hardcore is probably my favorite thing to do. Maybe that's not your thing. But if it is, and you haven't made it out with us to Stuff Your Face, Scavo's, or The Robin, then grab a (diet) soda and get comfortable. I'd like to think that this site basically serves as a sample of "minutes" that could be taken from an outing at any of the fine restaurants we close down in the tri-state area on a random weekend night. -Gordo XXX

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