Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dedicated to all the kids who care enough to make tomorrow a brighter day… Let's make a change!

I see it on the streets
As we walk right by
What little value we place on human lives!

But it's time we get priorities
It's time to rearrange
Won't turn away any longer
It's time we make a change!

People so cold
They ignore others' pain
People too proud
To realize that we're the same

But I'll make a change!

But it's time we get priorities
It's time to rearrange
Won't turn my back any longer
It's time we make a change!


Ben Edge said...

Anyone know the third verse?

It's not on the lyric sheet.


I just listened to the song, I'm pretty sure I got all the verses. Actually had to change a couple lines because they were different on the lyric sheet.

Obviously I know a post like this isn't going to keep people entertained at any length of time like the normal interview, but sometimes I think a photo speaks volume.

While digging through my photos for tonights intended post, I came across this YOT photo that caught my eye and sent me in a different direction. I grabbed the YOT photo and this logo, scanned them and tossed them together. What you see is what you get. Now go listen to "Break Down The Walls".

- Tim DCXX

inti said...

Youth Of Today in 1988 - travelled on my own all the way to Milan - I remember Walter running over people's head while playing bass, Porcell with a broken leg and a cast, Ray jumping OVER Sammy's drumkit.

Skinhead 88 said...

slow news day, huh?

Brushback said...

This is cool, heck with the complainers

yana said...

A W E S O M E !!

Anonymous said...

you could easily invent a daily "YOT - lyric awesomeness" post.

Anonymous said...

hahaah skinhead 88?? As in heil hitler?? Who knew racist pieces of shit had any say bout this post!! Racist skins keep the fuck out of hardcore!! Funny how 30 of you fucks showed up to agnostic front 3 weeks ago and left bleeding out of your eyes!!!

Anonymous said...

Racial supremacists degrade our scene.

Ben Edge said...

That's right. My bad. It's the second verse that isn't in the lyric sheet, and there is no third verse.

Skinhead 88 said...

im not racist, im white pride not white power (i got my name from ydl song)