Monday, June 2, 2008

CT Hardcore Is Not Soft

Jon Field from Up Front has been going through his video collection and digitizing some of his finer jems. Jon's been cool enough to give us here at DCXX a heads up as soon as something new has been added to his YouTube account. Last week he added the Pressure Release video and tonight he added the Wide Awake. Both are great examples of both bands in their heyday. The crowd response for each band is particularly impressive. Below each video are Jon's comments as he left them on YouTube. Great stuff, hope you dig these as much as we did... Thanks Jon! -Tim DCXX

The almighty Wide Awake at The Anthrax in Norwalk CT - From a show May 13th 1988 w/ Bold, Head On & Uppercut. This was the "We're taking pictures for our Schism 7 inch" show" (note Joe Snow in the Up Front shirt on stage behind Rob taking the pics). This was pretty typical of Wide Awake shows in '88, complete insanity. The mic cuts out at the end of Last Straw for a minute, but do you really care? It's a fucking Wide Awake video!  They play "Last Straw" and "Flase Pride". -Jon Field

Pressure Release doing "Pass It On" at The Anthrax right around the time X Marks The Spot was released. From a show March 18th, 1988 with Project X, Up Front and Judge. -Jon Field

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kimpunkrock said...

In honor of CT hardcore, which I grew up in, I want to tell you how much the Smörgåsbord shirt in the blog graphic rules. I have the same shirt in Blue but I must say that the red is much cooler.

Thanks for posting these great videos. It brings me back.