Sunday, April 6, 2008

Mark Porter - Floorpunch

This is part of an ongoing piece where we asked various people from bands over the years what they recall as the most memorable show they ever played (or attended, if they were never in a band), and why. What is posted here is only a sliver of what is to come, so be sure to check back. -DCXX

I would have to narrow it down to two shows. The first was with
Mouthpiece at the Princeton Arts Council. The dick who booked the show took off during our set and the mic broke so we had no vocals but decided to play anyway. The amount of kids singining along was
incredible, you could hear them above the music. Tara always said it was so cool during the "when temptations..." part in "Changes" that it gave her the chills. The second would sadly have to be THE FINAL MOSH, purely cause of the bands we played with. I mean, sharing the stage with the Cro-Mags and Breakdown was a dream come true. It was also cool that I got there late cause my wife had just graduated from law school twenty minutes prior and Brett was like "Porter, you're gonna have to mosh to the stage to get up here," and boom - right into Outburst. It was funny cause when he said that I was right in the middle of the pit with my wife and i just left her there surrounded by utter mayhem. Luckily my boy Tucci picked her up and carried her backwards. Ironically it was his first show too!


-cja said...

thankfully i wasn't that dick who booked that Princeton show, haha. that 'final mosh' was one of my favorite shows i've ever been too... the intro medley put chills in my spine.

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